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Happy Monday!

By stonemenfab32884030, Mar 16 2015 04:09PM

Good Morning everybody! Its been a month since I started this blog and I don't think anybody is reading it. I know that nobody is commenting. So if anybody is out there please give me a shout. Let me know you are there. Tell me what you would like me to write about. What questions you might have. Anything to get some dialogue going. I might think I am going crazy talking to myself all the time.

Here is a beautiful picture of a granite fireplace manufactured by Renaissance. Anthony, one of the owners, was at the house and said that the large blackish area in the upper left side was like looking into a cave. It is truly amazing. So people, remember when you are picking out your stones, the beauty of nature is the fact that it is not uniform. So many people are using man-made materials today, which has its applications, but there is nothing more beautiful than natural stone. Every piece is a work of art!

Until next time...

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